Regular Sports Activities at Brumlovka - Yoga or running lessons

Regular Sports Activities at Brumlovka - Yoga or running lessons

We are very happy that the sports activities are so popular. And we are naturally continuing with them this spring.

Running lessons with Puma

When: every Tuesday from 5:30 pm

Where: meeting at 5:20 pm at the reception of the Beta building, Vyskočilova 1481/4

Running lessons are led in two groups for beginners and already experienced runners by instructors and bloggers from Soňa Hrabec Kotulová and Michal Hrabec.

Yoga for everyone

When: every Thursday from 7:00 am

Where: Park Brumlovka (behind Gamma Building)

A classic yoga lesson for beginners and advanced students of all ages with Daniela Bacíková. Own exercise mat required. No reservation required. Pls, check the weather conditions.

You can find up-to-date information on the Brumlovka FB profile.

We are looking forwards to meet you there,

Marketing team, Passerinvest Group, a.s. 

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